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Spicy Leek & Corn Scramble


I needed to bake something the other day and despite the fact that is was 90 degrees outside, I thought, “it can’t get much hotter if I bake now, right?” Boy, was I wrong. What the heck was I thinking? I knew that cranking my oven up to 400 F would be rough, but then reality hit, and I was sweating my face off before the oven was fully warmed up. That whole experience was a bit frustrating, but also really funny. At least I learned my lesson: never bake in the middle of an extremely hot day, simple enough. After that fiasco, I thought it would be fun to share with you a savory breakfast recipe that does not require you to touch your stove, or require you to be in the kitchen for more than 15 minutes.


So, despite what some of you may think, I promise I eat more than heaps of baked goods, and other sweet treats. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweets, but everything in moderation, right? I crave vegetables daily, and as of late I am obsessed with eating bowls filled with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, celery, basil, and a splash of oil and balsamic vinegar. It is so simple, but tastes SO GOOD!!


For today’s recipe, I made a delicious, herby scramble that totally satisfied my need for some greens in my breakfast. I really love this dish because it is filled with so much summery goodness. The leeks and corn lend so much flavor to this scramble. And don’t even get me started on how delicious those chipotle peppers are. So smokey and spicy; this dish was made to be eaten in the summer time.


Hope that you are having a lovely week and staying cool during this beautiful weather!

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Caramelized Figs & Yogurt

“To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.”

Elizabeth David, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine


For some reason I find figs to be an especially romantic fruit. From their delicate tear drop shape, to their ever-so-soft interior, this fruit is by far one of my favorite to behold. Even though I do not live in the Mediterranean, like Elizabeth I have a similar affinity for freshly picked figs. Upon reading her short quote I felt like I found something to which we could both relate, because that is one of the great things that food can accomplish: it can bring people together and connect those who are seemingly separated.



My mother has a few fig trees in her backyard that have been teasing me ever since I noticed that their branches were filled with tiny figs. I will admit that I am a touch impatient, but I am just so excited to begin cooking with them. I think that I might be especially fig crazy since fig trees are literally everywhere in California. Apparently California produces 98% of the nations fig supplies, which means that I will be consuming a lot of them in the next few weeks, but I am more than okay with that.

Fig 1

I recently decided to spice up my current breakfast options, so I thought that caramelizing my figs would be a be a great way to boost their natural flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating them in their natural state, but there is something about cooked figs with a bit of sugar that I couldn’t say “no” to.  I made sure not to add a lot of sugar because I didn’t want to end up with a batch a  of syrupy figs. Instead, I only added just enough to lightly caramelize them, resulting in a perfect companion for a lonely bowl of yogurt.


After I devoured a bowl filled with these dreamy figs, I found myself convinced that they would taste great on top of some warm oatmeal, or maybe over some chocolate ice cream. I am pretty sure one of those options will become a reality for me quite soon. Let me know if  you choose to go down that road.

I hope that you all are enjoying fig season as much as I am!

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Peach & Vanilla Bean float


Last week I was able to attend an amazing blogging conference in Salt Lake City called Alt Summit. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but being that I was blessed with a free ticket, I wanted to make sure that I took full advantage of this incredible opportunity. This conference was truly a place of inspiration, for it was filled with so many people whom all shared a love for creating, crafting, styling, and cooking. Everyone I met had a deep desire to improve their blog and wanted to learn how to continually connect with their readers in an authentic way. This conference provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I am forever grateful for. I came to this conference alone, and left with new friends from all over the world. Many of them have recently posted lovely recaps on their recent trip to Alt Summit, so if you are thinking about going, I highly suggest you head over to their site and say hello. Here are just a few you should check out :, and S&S Heart.


Now after that short recap, how excited is everyone that summer has officially arrived?! I realize that it has felt like summer for a while now, and although the weather hasn’t changed much, my state of mind sure has. Lately, all I can think about are bbq’s, ice tea, summer produce, and late summer nights. I really do love this time of year! I adore how the sun rises early, and each time it sets, the sun dazzles us with a multicolored show as it slowly dips below the horizon.

During this time of year, I find myself drinking a lot more “summer time” appropriate beverages. There are so many options that to choose from in order to quench ones thirst on a hot day. But, what do you do when you have a craving for a sweet drink? Sure, an iced coffee sounds great, but why not make a delicious ice cream float filled with some of summer’s finest produce. If you were anything like me as a kid, then the mere mention of a root beer float was enough to make you jump up and down, so naturally making this drink brought back many fond memories for me as a child, so I hope it does the same for you too. So, a float is exactly what I made. I had an excessive amount of peaches in our home, and  bucket of ice cream that was begging to be used. So I stopped by the store to pick up some Dry Vanilla Bean Soda and ended up making a drink that perfectly satisfied my sweet tooth. I really loved the combination of all these ingredients, for they created a perfectly refreshing drink, that ended being just what I needed for a summer night spent on our patio.


There are a variety of fruits that you can use for this drink, so feel free to use whatever you have on hand. Also, I am sure it would be fun to play around with different ice cream flavors too. Make this drink your own and enjoy during one of these lovely summer nights

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Plum & Cardamom Crisp


Living in California has been amazing. The weather is hot and sunny, my legs are getting tan, and our local farmer’s market is only a 10 minute walk from our house. Back in Seattle, I loved visiting various farmers’ markets, so it is nice to find a local one where I can continue the routine. I often head over to the market fairly early, prepped with my basket and a cup of coffee, eager to see what each season brings. Just seeing all of the vibrant fruits and vegetables is enough to bring a smile to my face. I enjoy taking my time, talking to the farmers, and learning about new ingredients that I have yet to work with.


While on this trip, I saw a mountain of stone fruit that I found hard to walk away from. Samples of each fruit were laid out including nectarines, peaches, and my favorite, plums! The one I tasted was very juicy and delightfully warmed by the summer sun.




I love stone fruit so much, not simply for their various flavors but also for their versatility. And since I have had a hankering for a true summer dessert, I decided to use them and make a plum crisp. I love this recipe because the fruit is the main focus. A buttery, cardamom crisp topping, baked over fresh plums, sweetened with a bit of brown sugar. Oh my friends, this is summer baked into a jar! I thought it would be fun to bake this into individual jars, which makes it even easier to serve.




Now, this crisp is quite delicious on its own, but it is best when accompanied by a hearty scoop of ice cream. I prefer to make my own, but that’s not always very practical. When I lived in Seattle, I came across Snoqualmie Ice Cream, and after one pint I was sold. This company truly cares about their product, which is evident from their use of local ingredients and their belief in sustainability. I also learned that they own a mini-farm where they produce their own eggs and lavender which are they use for their ice cream. So, if you are looking for an ice cream that is pure and made from only the best ingredients, then I highly suggest you try out this brand.


The official start of Summer is only a few days away now, so I encourage you to go out and enjoy all of the produce that comes around during this time of the year. You never know what sort of ideas and inspirations it might give you!

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Blueberry Cupcakes


Friends, I meant to share this with you last week, but better late than never, right? Last week I attended Saveur’s Best Food Blogger of the year awards. It was a beautiful two day celebration for both the winners and nominees. For the second year in a row this event was hosted at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, and the whole celebration was a whirlwind of events, from cocktail parties to behind the scenes tours at the hotel. As I write this post I am in disbelief that I was actually there, or nominated for that matter, which is an honor that I am so thankful to have received. And it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you, my dear readers and friends. So thanks again to Saveur for actually selecting my blog, and to everyone else who has supported me and my passion for seasonal baking.


Now let’s talk about these blueberry cupcakes. I know that I have used blueberries quite a bit lately, but they are at every farmer’s market, and I can’t stop myself from buying them. I like to think that I am giving you a lot of sweet ideas if you are looking for new ways to use these berries just in case you have an obsession for them like I do.


I have been meaning to make this amazing yellow cake recipe that I found on the Smitten Kitchen for a while now, and I thought that this would be a great way to use my fresh berries. I was also craving cupcakes at the time, so this was a win-win situation for me.


I was especially excited to bake because I have been wanting to test out some new baking mitts that I received from Artek’s ABC collection. Their pattern was designed by Alvar Aalto, originally for fabrics in 1954, but has been adapted for some small products now available on their website. They have a great selection of colors, of which I liked blue the best. I really enjoyed using their mitts, and their adorable tray is perfect for serving small items. So if you are in the market for a few kitchen items, I suggest you head over to their site.


Deb’s cupcakes are fantastic and I really do love her recipe. I only made a few small changes to it, and what I ended up with was just simply delicious. Delicate cupcakes, filled with blueberries, and frosted with a fresh blueberry frosting. Yea, these didn’t last too long, which is a good thing right?


Hope that you are enjoying the first signs as summer as much I am. I am so excited to experiment with all of my favorite fruits that only come around during the summer.

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Spelt Pancakes With Blueberry Compote


We finally moved into our new apartment! Just the ability to utter those words feels so good. After being displaced for quite sometime, it feels amazing to have a space that John and I can officially call “home”. During this time of transition I was reminded of how many things I tend to take for granted. I am so grateful that this move was able to reminded me to be in a state of constant thankfulness for everything we have. We are still slowly getting settled in, but with this refreshed mindset we are make sure to soak up every moment as we set up our new home.


For some reason I got up especially early today, and went straight to the kitchen. I couldn’t sleep, I guess the excitement of cooking in our new kitchen drew me out of bed. We currently only have a few odds & ends in our refrigerator, but thankfully I had all the right ingredients to make pancakes. It was kind of perfect, because I couldn’t imagine a better thing to make as we celebrated our first proper meal in our new place. So after a bit of familiarizing myself in this foreign space, I was off and cooking. Within a few minutes our place began to smell like butter, and cinnamon. Oh, just the smell alone made me leap with excitement.


These pancakes are light and fluffy, and since I used spelt flour, they possessed a flavor profile that was both slightly sweet, and nutty. I ended making large pancakes, because we were starving, but you can always reduce the size of the pancake just incase you want to serve more people. Although, if you have the appetite of a 13 year old like we did on that day, than I say stick to the recipe below.


I wish you all a wonderful week!

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Mixed berry Shortcakes with Chamomile Cream


There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.

Andrew Jackson


How sweet is this quote? I recently came across it and thought, “oh Andrew, you couldn’t be more correct”. Lately, life has been a bit more hectic than usual for me. The biggest cause of stress (still) has been that John and I do not have an apartment yet, but thankfully, that all changes in a few days! After weeks of searching, we finally found a beautiful apartment that we get to call home in a matter of days, and we couldn’t be happier.

With the amount of work we still have to do, my family can often hear me complaining that there is not enough time in a day to get it all done. I find it to quite humorous to be muttering the same phrases that my parents did when I was younger. As a child, I actually remember thinking that the days were instead too long. Funny how that changes, huh? Oh, the simple joys of becoming an adult. Anyway, in the midst of all this business I realized that I had to take some time to rest.

I have to admit that Mr. Jackson was right, so I took a day off. I caught myself enjoying it all the more just because I had so much to do, but instead I ignored it completely. So what did I do with this day off? Well, once I got away from my list of tasks, I ended up making myself a tall arnold palmer, found sunny spot outside, and started flipping through as many food magazines as I could find (many of which are still packed up). It was exactly what I needed.


Now about this delicious dessert. I made these mixed berry shortcakes for Mother’s Day, and my whole family fell in love with them! What I love about this dessert is that even if you don’t end up making this exact recipe, you still have 3 recipes for amazing staples; buttery cream biscuits, home made caramel, and infused whipped cream. All of which will come in handy at some point in your life, as I know they have in mine.

This biscuit recipe is from the lovely Alice Waters. Her recipe originally called for a 1 1/2 inch biscuit cutter, which would then yield 8 biscuits, but I wanted to make slightly larger biscuits that weren’t as tall. I didn’t want a dessert that had too much biscuit involved. Instead, I used a 3 inch biscuit cutter, giving me 6 beautiful biscuits. If you do decide to make 8, I suggest making another half batch of the chamomile cream, because my recipe is just enough for 6. I also listed the recipe in the order that I made everything, allowing the caramel and cream to cool as you cook your biscuits.


I have found this to be a delicious and unexpected dessert, and I hope you do as well.

For this Recipe,

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Chocolate Chip Cookies


Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies, right?  I remember when I was little, my dad and I would make a batch of cookies now and then using the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag. I remember being quite impatient during the process, continually asking my dad “how much longer?”, as I stared at the cookies while they baked. And the second they were out of the oven, my family would find me at the table trying to cram a piping hot one into my mouth without any care of how badly it was burning with each bite.


I had chocolate chip cookies on the brain because I wanted to make some for my pop-up shop. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to come up with my own recipe, so I turned to some of my favorite bakers for their perfect cookie recipes. I am finding that I must be a picky person beacuse after 3 batches, I was still left wanting a cookie that possessed the prefect balance of crispy edges and a soft center. As I was beginning to feel a bit defeated, my sweet friend Danielle suggest I try Jaques Torres’s infamous chocolate cookie. At this point I was willing to try anything, and let me tell you, making this cookie was the best descion ever. This recipe produces the best chocolate cookie I have ever baked or eaten in my life, hands down. I might sound a bit dramatic, but I promise you that this cookie will make you do a little happy dance upon the first bite…Promise.


This cookie is not only beautiful, but it is also very delicious. I found the recipe from a blog called Crepesofwrath. I suggest you head over there immediately and make these cookies as soon as possible. I followed the recipe exactly, and ended up with a killer batch of cookies for my pop-up shop. As you read through the recipe, you will see a mention of letting the dough chill over night. Please, do not skip this as it is an extremely important part. I know it might be hard not to bake them all right away, but you can do it.

I wanted to share this cookie recipe with you in order to spread the word to others who haven’t yet heard of this recipe before, because I was in the dark until a just few weeks ago.


For the recipe, Read more here »

Roasted Strawberry & Hazelnut Cake


Well my friends, John and I are officially back in California! We have only been here for a few days, but things are slowly coming together. Our move here was a bit overwhelming at times, but after a 20 hour drive we both made it here safe and sound. It feels so strange to be back, but I am sure we will feel more at home once we find a place live. In the meantime my lovely family is letting me take over their kitchen, which means I finally get to bake again.


I don’t know about you, but I feel like it has been a such a long time since my last post. I have been aching to get back into the kitchen, but gearing up for our move and my pop-up shop kept me very busy. I wanted to thank everyone that came out to support my pop-up shop. I also want to thank those of you who, although you couldn’t attend, still made their support and love known to me, which was really amazing and overwhelming in the best possible way. Having this pop-up shop was stressful, and frustrating at times, but it was such an amazing and fulfilling experience for me. I haven’t pushed myself this hard in a long time, and despite the temporary freak outs, this pop-up shop was truly a dream realized, and that feels INSANELY good. Being able to share my baked goods with others, and actually see them enjoy what I made really brings together everything I love about baking. So again, thank you to everyone, and most importantly, thank you to the owners of  The Fat Hen.


I made an assortment of delicious treats for my pop-up shop, all of which are featured on my blog, but I also came up with two new recipes especially for this event. One of which was my roasted strawberry cake, served with fresh whipped cream. I ended up adding hazelnuts once I got to California because I wanted the cake to have a little extra crunch, so if hazelnuts aren’t your thing, feel free to leave them out. This cake is a not heavily sweet, but is topped off with strawberries that have been roasted in coconut oil and maple syrup.


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Pop Up Shop


When it’s all said and done, there is one main reason why I bake; and that is to bring people together. As long as I can remember, I have had a love for bringing my friends together and making memories with them, and this coming Saturday is another opportunity to do just that. I am happy to announce that I will be holding a Pop-Up Shop for The Broken Bread! My friends at The Fat Hen have graciously allowed me to use their beautiful cafe for the afternoon, so please come join me from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I will be serving a selection of my favorite pastries along with some espresso drinks. This opportunity is extremely important to me, because it will be the first time that my efforts at The Broken Bread can move out from behind the computer and love people in the real world. I really hope to see you there!